About Us

Home Restart began as a small informal program in 2015 to help victims of homelessness find housing on a case-by-case basis in Lowell, Massachusetts. 


Streamline Communities, a new home construction real estate advisory, marketing, and sales company has set up Home Restart as a social responsibility initiative. Streamline Communities utilizes it's real estate expertise to advocate for the people suffering from homelessness. Home Restart was developed into a non-profit with the help of Streamline's corporate donations, and much of the staff's expertise in real estate advisory. 


As of 2017, Home Restart Inc. became a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, offering social services, job placement assistance, and other valuable resources needed in order for each candidate to be able to sustain themselves in a comfortable new home.


Our Vision

With the help of Home Restart Inc., more and more candidates in Lowell are finding housing and living self-sustaining lifestyles. Eventually, Home Restart Inc. would like to expand its model to surrounding areas and help more people get off the streets. Combating homelessness benefits everyone, and Home Restart Inc. wants to make it happen!